Why Kids Do So Well With Drop-In Care

Do you love the idea of drop-in care but wonder how your child will adjust? Here are some great things to remember.

1. Kids Love Kids. Children are especially drawn to other children, so they may be timid around new adults, but the other children will draw them in. It’s the best part of daycares - they come with new friends!

“I was worried my son wouldn’t want to stay, but when we got there, there was a sweet little girl waiting for him. Her teacher had told her that she would have a special friend that day. My son usually hangs on to me, but he walked straight through the baby gate and said goodbye."
- Mother of a 3-year-old

2. Toys, Toys, and More New Toys! Think of daycares as discovery museums with playgrounds. They’re set up to engage children, so your children will have a lot of fun too. Daycare playgrounds are a blast too!

“My two-year old stays home with me, so he’s very attached, but when he saw all the new toys at the daycare, he started squealing and running from toy-to-toy and room-to-room. He was too interested in the new toys to really worry about me leaving."
- Mother of a 2-year-old

3. Teachers Know What Kids Need. It’s hard to leave our children behind, but teachers care for children every day, so they have a special knack for helping children adjust. It’s helpful to remember that it’s harder on us than it is on them.

4. Plan Play-Dates with Friends. Invite a friend to drop-in with you, so it’s a treat for everyone. Or drop-in at a friend’s daycare. Can’t find them on Roovillage? Let us know and we’ll connect with them!


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