Benefits to Daycares When You Book Drop-In Care

The neatest thing about daycares is that most of them were started by moms as a way to support their families doing what they do so well: taking care of people. They're creative, dynamic, thoughtful and humble, but they often don't have the time or marketing experience to promote their daycares. So when they end up with gaps in enrollment or part-time schedules that don't match up, they're left loosing revenue in an industry that's already underpaid.

If enrollment goes down too far, they also have to send assistants home with no pay. It's the hard truth about the child care industry, so any boost they get through drop-ins is also a boost to our community that needs child care so badly. Drop-in care is a great way for daycares to build relationships with new families and spread the word about what they're doing too.

So when you use drop-in care, you're not only getting child care, you're supporting a local, mom-run business. What's not to love about that?


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